Cracked lips
Chap stick
It's a quick fix
Like a nervous tick

Check out my eyes
They're so clear
Not red veined
Or Insincere

I tried
To recall
A life
Before I lived at all

Being small
A childs bliss
Focused in
I remembered this

I could never reach
What's on the shelf
I was looking
For your help

I'm just a little boy
Or maybe I'm crazy
Like I fell and cut my self
You walked up and saved me
From hating what I felt

This partys
Grown tired
My invitations worn
Back home on the tv
Frauds sell pieces of their lord

So what's a kid to do
They don't make books on how to choose
The path of least resistance
May be the fastest way to lose

I still try to see
If that road is right for me
No one can tell what I'll find
But I want you by my side

I'm just a little boy
Or maybe I'm crazy
And there's no pill to save the world
Were all just so lazy
But if wisdom is a pearl
Weve been misusing her
Strung round a neck her voice can not be heard

But what do I now
I'm just a little boy

Oh maybe I'm crazy
And it's empty on the shelf
It's less than amazing that I'll have to find out for my self
Cuz I'm still a little boy
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I'm Crazy Lyrics

Stephen Covell – I'm Crazy Lyrics