She's lost she's late
She's zooming on a couch somewhere
Or high or home
I'm not supposed to call her there

I wait I smoke
I stare into my coke
It's happening again
I tell myself that it's over and done amen

Her skin like milk
It's like she's never seen the sun
Some hearts to crunch
Is more like her idea of fun

I know she's ill
I'm cruising for a spill
I'm hanging just the same
I need to be in the heat
Of her cold white flame

Another negative girl
At the edge of the frame
Deliciously toxic
The original classic thing, more of the same

She's in the zone
Crying on the phone
I need you here
I'm on the street again

Staggering out into the burn of the brain dead dawn
To arrive in time to find her gone

She's on the train
To somewhere up by Fordham Road
Her reptile brain
Locked down and ready in combat mode

Some cash, a key
This guy she has to see
A doctor friend uptown
And maybe she gets to me when she comes back down


A goof, a buzz
If that is what it was
Then how do you explain
The way she looks when she's
Dragging me out to dance with her
In the summer rain

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Negative Girl Lyrics

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Steely Dan – Negative Girl Lyrics

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