Kill the lights
Sever all lines
Lock the doors from deep inside
Tonight, no one's home
No Idiot Wind
Soothing din
Distracting from the task at hand
'll know what I can know

I'm dying tonight
I'm taking my time
Perfection begins when it hurts
I'm healing in slashes and burns
And that's how you live with a curse

To separate
Surrendering through meditation
Centering a soul
A Kingdom First
A Blade of Verse
Deconstruction in reverse
What have I ever really known?


Leave it all behind
Nothing here is mine
But - IwantitIneeditInurtureandfeedit
Kill my darlings, once and for all time
Because nothing here is mine
Nothing here is mine
I leave it all behind

And that's how you live...
That's how you live...
That's how you live with a curse.
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Kill My Darlings Lyrics

Stavesacre – Kill My Darlings Lyrics