It's a timebomb
Just waiting to explode
The world is ending
Most the people don't even know
It's a boxcar,
With alterations
To make us go faster
In a fast world.
And the Cali girls
With their makeup on
The boys are on the boulevard
Cruising now
They got a target
That target is me
This whole thing could end up in tragedy

You really got it going,
A really nice shot
That's pointed at me
And then the crowd starts to look my way
I'm acting like nothing is wrong
But I shouldn't care,
Keep on living life with my own style

You got the local scene
With their critics and 'zines
The scenesters with their glasses
And their beautiful clothes
And the entertainment is never ending
The corporations taking all our tithes
Do you feel like a chain store
Trying to buy what you can't afford
There is a pool
Full of their language
It's getting serious
Its time to swim out the door
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Boxcar Lyrics

Stairwell – Boxcar Lyrics

Songwriters: BUTCH HANCOCK

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