I'm feeling crossed
I take it inside
Burn up the pain
My thoughts are strange

Just like the things
I used to love
Just like the tree that fell
I heard it
If art is still inside
I'lI feel it

Well, I wanna bleed (Well, I wanna show you all my pain)
Show the world all that I have inside
Well, I wanna scream (Well I wanna make you feel the same)
Let the blood flow, that keep's me alive

Take all these strings
They call my veins
Wrap them around
Every fucking thing

Presence of people
Not for me
Well, i must remain in tune
My love is music
For I will marry melody


Well, I said
I wanna bleed (I wanna show you how I feel)
I wanna feel
I wanna scream (I wanna make you know it's real)
I wanna bleed

Won't you let me take you
For a ride
You can stop the world
Try to change my mind
Won't you let me show you
How it feels
You can stop the world
But you won't change me

I need music
Well, I need music
Well, I need music
To set me free
To let me bleed
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Bleed Lyrics

Staind – Bleed Lyrics