Juan V., he's puttin' down another fist fight
Bean cans, they're pickin' coffee.
It's a long night
Slave sages, penny wages,
All I ever do is criticize, drink their lives

God I had a headache all day
Drank three cups of coffee
And my headache went away
Now I'm shakin', and they're workin'
And I'm shakin' addicted

Dark roast, the sun is hotter than a burn lamp
Kids cry, they're eatin' dirt,
They're in a work camp
Coffee nation, percolation,
All I ever do is pour a cup, drink 'em up

Columbia, I grind the beans to make a crutch mug
Stay beat, I'm doing the cats dug
Coffee can, what a man, I'm blurry in my shoes
I drink a cup, forget they lose

All day headache
All day
Head is achin'
All day quakin'
Coffee drinkin'
Mindless shakin' day
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Headache All Day Lyrics

Squirtgun – Headache All Day Lyrics