I love the way you never stop your frowning
But if I saw you drowning I wouldn't waste the time to rescue you

I love the way you eat soup with your fingers
The way your odor lingers for hours after you've left the room

I love the way that even though we finally know that it'll be alright
I know why we get on so great, we're second rate

I love the way you never give up trying
But when your old and dying
I'll be the one to care for you

I love the way you live life on the sofa
You're as lively as a coma
I should have told you long ago we're through

[Chorus x2]

We don't pay
Oh you really think so
To be honest I just don't know
But we put up with it anyway


Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na...
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Second Rate Lyrics

Spunge – Second Rate Lyrics