Hunting, hunting, hunting
Haffi find something, something, something
Waan pick a cherry, still mi woulda cut a pumpkin
But mi woulda merry if mi coulda get a virgin
Yes, Mi hunting, hunting, hunting
Haffi find something, something, something
An if a nuh Kerry den a Debbie or the browning
Tone haffi bury inna sitten by a morning

1. Mi is a bwoy who don't believe say mi fi draw nill
If even for a minute mi haffi put it in still
Caw nutten like a hour of erratical chill
Fi mek mi sleep better than a cup a Nyquil
Tonite suppose to nice cause mi an Nerrissa have date
She call mi after 5 an say fi pick har up 8
She tell mi pass di house an guh a di corner an guh wait
But if she flop mi draw fi Pat, mi naw guh mek mi stone waiste


2. Well 1'o clock a night an old dog dey pon di flex
Mi jus step out a Cactus, mi is a rebl an mi des
An s** a di best remedy fi cut stress
Suh mi link up wid Nikki caw a she mi a request
Well bright red light mek mi haffi detour
1: 30 an mi a knock Kecia door
From mi see di nighty mi know di slam sure
But daddy wake up mi clock 9. 4
Mek couple move an still nutten naw gwaan
Till mi mek a link wid life saver Lashaun
An after certain hours mi nuh guh a bay Farm
But whah, she say she ready,
Suh Whah, a dey mi gawn


3. Jah know sey mi is a yute hwey determine
Yuh ever a boil up hotter than the fire whey burning
Any gal whey waan fi get mi sitten yeh turning
Mek she start a argument whey s** concerning
Yurning fi loving evry morning and evening
Haffi get a nurse fi gi mi di sexual healing
Mi mi get the urge fi dat particular feeling
Mi is a bwoy coming from up a gal ceiling.

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Hunting Lyrics

Spragga Benz – Hunting Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVE KELLY
Hunting lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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