I was just a little kid the other day
All i wanted to do was go outside and play - all damn day
But now my dead end job won't allow
I want have some fun .. but I don't know how

I was just a teenager the other day
Surrounded by teenage girls who loved to play - all damn day
18's the finish line , I passed it by (bye)
Now with teenage girls so fine , I'd get arrested so why try?

I felt 30 yesterday - I felt 30 yesterday
I start to worry ...I'm wasting away
Cause I felt 30,.. yesterday

Went through the phases, thoughout the ages
Went all kinds of places , saw many faces pass me by
Does this mean my life is complete?
Where is the button for repeat?

Cause I would go back to that day
I met the girl who'd change me in everyway - what can I say?
I just let her slip away......
She turned 21 today, we're the same age - but I felt
30 yesterday yeah, I felt 30 yesterday.
I start to worry ...I'm wasting away
Cause I felt 30,.. yesterday

And that's the way it goes,
The old die off and and the young get old
That's just how the story goes....
The posters on your wall turn yellow
And all your rock stars soon go mellow
The age you thought was old before,
Doesn't seem old anymore

An old man shares his thoughts on his death bed today
"I never thought that life would slip up on me this way
So much I didn't do, so much I didn't say....
And all those years went by, they only seemed like days"
Hell, I felt 30 yesterday.......
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Thirty Lyrics

Spout – Thirty Lyrics