I feel so damn away,
(Prose, prose) The grotesque way,
(I pose, pose) Dudes look how I sway,
(I'm close, close) To start,
I'm the "what am I doing here" of the year.

Another stumble in the grass
Policemen kick me in the ass
I'm a going down the stairs forgetting
What I was searching for.

It's like in a Buster Keaton movie
(My sketches on fetches! )
Clumsiness is my death and glory
A fucking Buster Keaton movie.
(Fun for people! )

So are the people listening?
Are they really, really watching?
The story of a man teaching how not to care,
Singing "doo, doo, doo, doooo".
The decline of a never smiling foam man
Based on a true, true, true
Story with a man singing: "doo, doo, doo, doooo".

I am not the people
I'm the "what am I doing here" of the year
I'm not the people, I am the dead people!
(Not the people, the dead people! )
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Buster Keaton Syndrome Lyrics

Spark Gap – Buster Keaton Syndrome Lyrics