Kyle: Ok, Ike, you're my little brother, so I have to show
You how to celebrate Hanukkah. This is called a dreidle:
You spin it and see where it lands, and you sing this song:

I have a little dreidle, I made it out of clay!
And when its dry and ready, with dreidle I shall play!
Oh, dreidle dreidle dreidle! I made you out of clay!
Dreidle dreidle dreidle, with dreidle I shall play!

Now you try it Ike! Just spin it with your fingers like this!

Ike: H I J K L O P, um... Its on like... All the way!
*Mumbles* came down the wain and washed the spider out!

Cartman: Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Kyle: Oh, hey Cartman! We're playing dreidle! You wanna try?
Cartman: Sure!

Heres a little dreidle; that's small and made of clay,
But I'm not gonna play with it
Cuz dreidles fuckin gay!

Kyle: Hey, shut your mouth, fat ass!

Cartman: Jews... Play stupid games!
Jews.... That's why they're lame!

*Kyle and Cartman sing*
Stan: Whats going on? Oh, its that Hanukkah thing.
Cartman: Its so amazing! You spin this thing on the ground,
And it goes round and round, I could watch it all day!
Stan: Let me try!
I'll try to make it spin.
It fell I'll try again!
*All sing*
Mrs. Brovnowski: Hello boys!
Kyle: Hi mom!
Mrs. Brovnowski: Oh, how precious! You boys are all playing
Dreidle, now you know that dreidle is a time on a tradition for the
Hebrew people!
Cartman: Yes, we know Mrs. Brovnowski, its so very interesting!
Mrs. Brovnowski:
Now when you learnto make the dreidle spin,
You'll know our people always win! Keep spinning!
*Cartman joins in*
Kyle: Oh, hi Dad!
Mr. Brovnowski: Hello everybody! Say, can I join in?
Kyle: Sure!
I have a little dreidle, I made it out of clay!
And when its dry and ready, with dreidle I shall everybody!
*All sing*
Mr. Brovnowski:
Courtney Cox, I love you! You're so hot on that show!
Kyle: Dad?
Mr. B: Courtney Cox
Kyle: Dad?
Mr. B: I love-
Kyle: We're singing about a dreidel.
Mr. B:... Oh... Sorry
Mrs. B: We'll talk about this later, Gerald!
*All sing*
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The Dreidle Song Lyrics

South Park – The Dreidle Song Lyrics