Soulja Boy Ain't Got No Money?
(Shit... Hol On Hol On Bitch, Ayeeee)

[Verse 1:]
Soulja Boy Ain't Got No Money Mane Hol Up
Stacks On Deck Watch Dem Big Face Fol Up
I Got Da Blow For Da Low. Da 5 For Da High
Nicks And Da Dimes 2 For 5 You Know Why
I'm Da Money Man. Stacks In Da Caseload
I'm Connect Up I Make A Call Like A Metro
Get What U Need To Get Yo Blowed
Soulja Boy Ain't Got Money Hol On Hol Folks

[Verse 2:]
I Got What You Need, I Got What You Like
Soulja Boy Ain't Got No Money Now U Know Dat Dats A Lie
Stacks On Deck it's Bustin Out My Pockets
Searchin For Da One Yea U Know she's A Blockhead
I Got Dem Stacks And You Already Know
Soulja Boy All Da Girls Hit Da Flow
Soulja Boy Got Money Ho. And Dats what's Hannanan
Stacks On Deck On Da Track And I'm Snappnin

[Verse 3:]
Ain't Got No Money What U Talkin Bout
I Got Princess Cut Invisible Set Up In My Mouth
Nigga Don't Cap Clamin U Can Rap
Prince Of Snap Music Since I Did A Beat Wit A Snap
Ain't Got No Money U Don't Lost Ya Mind
So Much Ice It A Make Ya Blind
Flip Phone Chrome Fitty On My Dome
I Get Mo Head Fitty Cap. Lets Carry On
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Soulja Boy Ain't Got No Money Lyrics

Soulja Boy – Soulja Boy Ain't Got No Money Lyrics