Don't listen to his covered lies
That you are nothing worth
Cause in the eyes of the Father
You're the most precious thing on earth
Don't by the cheap sell-out
That Mr. Pleasure's putting up
It leads to no where, chains and bonds
I say: Don't drink that cup!

Fallin' to my knees and praying
To be released

Jesus my Saviour
You hear my cry
Jesus my Master
Your love for me is divine

I'm strugglin' in this shattered world
Tryin' to keep up
A million voices bugging me
They're confusing nonsense crap
But in the midst of all distractions
A voice, it speaks to me
As clear as lightning, with power of thunder
It fills my soul with hope

Spirit renew my soul and cradle me
In Your bed of love

Jesus my Saviour
You heal my soul
Jesus my Master
Send me to the fields

Jesus my Saviour
You're all I need
Jesus my Master
Your love for me is divine
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Jesus My Saviour Lyrics

Sons Of Thunder – Jesus My Saviour Lyrics