Your grandad left home for the circus
He was young just like me, with hope to explore
He married a girl in Virginia
She could swing the trapeze, they could sleep on the floor
Your mother was born in December, on the one sunny day that winter gave up
With warm summer eyes that flickered like fireflies when she stared at the world

So why do you leave these stories unfinished, my Cheshire cat doorstop with tears in your eyes? Why do you look when you've already found me?
And what did you find that would leave you walking by?

She was raised in a New England village, then she moved to LA with her firefly stare
And you loved Sunset Strip when it sparkled
You grew up and you sparkled, but why don't you care?

And these nights I get high just from breathing
When I lie here with you, I'm sure that I'm real Like that firework over the freeway, I could stay here all day but that's not how you feel

So why do you leave these questions unanswered? The circus awaits and you're already gone
My Cheshire cat doorstop with fear in her smile, what makes it so easy for you to be walking by?
What did I do that you can't seem to want me?
Why do we lie here and whisper goodbyes?
Where can I go that your pictures won't haunt me?
What makes it so easy for you to be walking by?
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Walking By Lyrics

Something Corporate – Walking By Lyrics