Let's die tonight you know I'm right
I've got the feeling strong enough
To break ten thousand souls apart
I'm injecting my life into your veins
No experience to strong this pain!
Pain in life cuts like a knife
Open the book of empty pages
What do you see?

I'm the master of pain
Waiting in vain
My pride is slain
Watch me die during a sadistic lullaby!

A gathering of long lost souls
Are carrying my memories written in the name of pain
I love to hear their veins screaming for more
Vengeance is the law exploding music
You can't catch time, it doesn't exist
Life's a sculpture that can't resist!


Engaged with destiny my life is yours
But you don't know me
We bleed together
Like an ever flowing stream
With souls so black oh so empty!

Sadistic lullaby!!
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Sadistic Lullabye Lyrics

Soilwork – Sadistic Lullabye Lyrics