Samiland's wide expanses home to Sami children
Cold barren rocky realm
Home of Sami children

Sun Father's golden jewel high in the heaven
Mother earth's heart beats life rushes like a river

Moon's silver glimmer ice ocean's roar
Northern lights starry belt
Birds in the milky way

O, these northern pastures
The wide open horizon
Storm and furious weathers yoik the children's lullaby

O, these beautiful meadows
The lakes' shimmering eyes
Mother's soft warm lap unrestrained cradle

The wind brings, takes away
The tundra stays the same
Behind tundra in tundra's lap
The Sami children's haven

Samiland's wide expanses
Home of Sami children
Shimmers glitters twinkles home of Sami children
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Wide Open Tundra Of Samiland Lyrics

Sofia Jannok – Wide Open Tundra Of Samiland Lyrics