Over the top of a lager in wineless wine bar
I can see the sunset over Blackbird hill
It's only the cocaine comaradarie
Keeping the thugs from moving in for the kill
Friends desert me through choice and pressure
I know the faces but I'm not safe
A kiss torn curl blows through your hair
Words glow and fade as the meanings change
But somehow - it don't bother me
Somehow - it don't bother me
There's a choice to make but I'll make it later
Decisions just float on by
Oblivious to the sounds around me
I'm home but I don't know why
The last of the sunset bounces of the back wall
And reflects back off to the stars
A final witness to a dying sunset
And an abandoned lager in wineless wine bar...

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Some - How Lyrics

Snuff – Some - How Lyrics

Songwriters: Crighton, Andrew Joseph / Redmonds, Duncan / Wells, Simon
Some - How lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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