[Snoop Dogg]
Snoopy, it's what they say as if they knew me
Groupie on my head like a?
My nigga kid cudi that's my little buddy
Calls some hos up and get some cudi cudi
What's your life like
Mines is kinda tight
A long way from hustlin?
My people love the fans love me come all go
If you aint showin love than what you call for
I don't need it in my life
My kids pay the price
Sorta like the need of my wife
Smoke til I'm gone dog on the throne
I'm worldwide known I'm a boss in the zone
I get it how I get it cause I can
I earn my spot, you see the plan
I'm just fuckin with my fans
I turned out to be the better man
Important to life you understand while I'm puffin on this gram

Everythin' I'm havin'
No they ain't necessity
Though I'm shinin' keep on grindin'
What you see ain't all of me

Though I keep them hoes don't love them hoes
The code in which I roll
It's so simple what I need
You know I keep my fam and I can't forget that tree

Na na na
Na na na
I can't forget that tree

Na na na
Na na na
I can't forget that tree

Na na na
Na na na
I can't forget that tree

Na na na
Na na na
[Verse 2:] Kid Cudi
I got my fam dog I got my niggas
Got little money yo and I aint trippin'
Most days I'm faded, feelin x-rated
Steady with them freaky hos and a lady
Holdin the fam down have my clothes on me
The peoples who were there
Phony, when you see a nigga don't approach me
I made it to the top baby it's all me
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That Tree Lyrics

Snoop Dogg – That Tree Lyrics

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