[Chorus: Pharrell]
(Sets Up!) Chest out
In and out, in and out
Lift your arm, lift your arm
In a circle, in a circle
Swang out, hang out, bang out
Show these motherfuckers right where you from


[Snoop Dogg]
Coolest of the cool, I'm the god damn man
Heater so hot need a god damn fan
Everybody want gangsta, suckas don't live it
Til' they talkin' through that glass like 'see you in a minute'
That's not the bigg boss dogg
I've been in it since a youngin', I'm a East-side hogg
21st Street ridin', rollin' with my partners
Hat to the back in a rag spillin' vodka
Stompin' through the city in my big blue Chuck's
Lil' homies on the corner not givin' a fuck
So I chunked up the set like what's happenin' with you
Shit I just do what I do, I'm just stackin' it too
Is what he said to a loc as I dipped on out
Or as we say on the East-side, you cripped on out
See the sunshine and palm trees, livin' it up
Don't forget the block boys givin' it up
Where you from loc?

[Chorus: x2]

Show me where you're from
Show me where you're from
Show me where you're from
Show me where you're from

[Snoop Dogg]
For the rules of the game, represent your shit
Flag around the steering collar makin 'em sick
Shoot, the L.B. made me, gang-bang for real
If ya made it through the '80s I'm a product of the shady
Snoop D-O-doub', it's what I does
I'm worldwide love, the homies is like cause
Stuck to the script and kept claimin' the team
They love it when I chunk it on the TV screen
Like a, boss would do, how the fuck could you
Deny my gangsta, haters in my rear-view
All around the world they respectin' a G
Overseas they respectin' the C, that's on me
I did it like I did it mayne
Uh, if you ain't did it you ain't did a thing
Uh, you come through you better holler at me
You need beats you better holler at P
Now put your sets up

[Chorus: Pharrell]

Show me where you're from
Show me where you're from
Show me where you're from
Show me where you're from
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Sets Up Lyrics

Snoop Dogg – Sets Up Lyrics

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