Snog is a band formed by Australian musician David Thrussell, along with Tim McGrath and Julia Bourke, in 1988. The band's music is a fusion of many different styles, including industrial, techno, ambient, experimental and even some country music and funk. The band name is a reference to "kissing and cuddling," which, according to Thrussell, symbolizes the Marxist concept of destroying barriers between people.


Their first album, Lies Inc., was released in 1992. Pieter Bourke joined the band soon afterwards, and Dear Valued Customer, which drew heavily on techno influences, was released in 1994. That same year, two side projects emerged: Soma was formed by Thrussell and Pieter Bourke, and Thrussell formed solo project Black Lung.

By 1997, the band had largely become a solo project for Thrussell (with guest musicians). Buy Me... I'll Change Your Life was a departure in style, featuring country western-style guitar and a cover of Lee Hazlewood's "Let the Little Flowers Grow". 1999's Third Mall from the Sun offered a unique blend of the style of the previous two albums, along with new influences. This was followed by the remix album Relax into the Abyss.

In 2003, Beyond the Valley of the Proles was released. This album offered a more refined version of the style found on Buy Me. Its 2006 follow-up, Snog vs. the Faecal Juggernaut of Mass Culture, saw a return to a more electronic sound.

One notable feature about the band is Thrussell's lyrics ??? almost all songs contain themes of anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, anti-consumerism, individuality, and anti-big-brotherism. Thrussell also often includes references to conspiracy theories in his lyrics and song titles (for example, The Report From Iron Mountain or Rex 84).

The albums Third Mall from the Sun (1999), Relax into the Abyss (2000) and Beyond the Valley of the Proles (2003) featured artwork by Canadian artist Chris Woods, whose paintings lampoon the advertising tactics of major corporations such as McDonald's, The Gap, and Nike.

Snog supports copying of their music and many releases, depending on their recording label, are designated copyleft (or copyright-free) as indicated by a crossed out "?" symbol printed on their album cases.

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