Never needed nobody
Never needed a girl
I've been breakin' my own heart
I've been rockin' my world

Jealous of myself
Up until I finally got
A load of you
Now you're the one I want

So you gotta tell me
What I gotta do

(So that I'm) Ready
I'm ready for you

My life is so lonesome
Now I know you exist
We could talk on the phone some
But I'd rather we kissed

Always lookin' in
But you showed me
How I could be lookin' out
For somebody else

I suppose you
Showed me what it's all about

I'm beggin' my pardon
I guess I never knew
I've been lookin' for something
Something tells me it's you

(I think I'm) Ready
I'm ready for you
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Ready For You Lyrics

Sloan – Ready For You Lyrics