You gotta gimme that gimme that now
Oh, I'm gonna show you how
I don't agree to that greed of that kind
Oh, I thought you wouldn't mind
Oh, you've gotta gimme that, yeah
Still I can't decide
(You know I can't decide)
Because my hands are tied
(You know my hands are tied)
I wouldn't wait and see
(You shouldn't wait and see)
If it were up to me
(If it were up to me)
You're falling into that into that trap
Oh, you're really such a sap
Better get used to it used to it 'cause
Now is not the way it was
Oh, better get used to it, yeah
So take your nickel back nickel back I'm
Oh, gunning for a dime
You got the gist of it gist of it now
Oh, you're gonna feel my power
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Gimme That Lyrics

Sloan – Gimme That Lyrics