Stepped into the. Scene, Mic check
Freestyle off the dome, yes I'm a mind threat
From the bottom to the top, now I write cheques.
You're the king, I'm the rebel and your queen. Is my x
Money on my mind, eyes dey red this is danger
I'll be hustling, running miles like a Kenyan
As a mortal struggling is combat
Need more cash in my pocket that's y I wear combats
Later that night, sh** is. Looking like a thanksgiving
Boys drinkin', waiter bring a mop cuz Drinks spillin'
When you make it, you gon' hear sorries n Apologies
So these Days I get more asses than a toilet seat
So maybe you should know
Street rhymes and how we roll
Got these rappers careers looking Mikel, no goal
So maybe u should know
Street rhymes and how we roll
You're dealing with the realest and. The illest
Till you get shot, this is how we blow

You sabi rap eh, u sey u sabi rap eh (3x)
Make I change am

Bad man from the centre of the City called PH
Were boys dem dey vex, eyes red from 3 years
2 shots from the block, 2 shots from Marine Base
Drum roll rraaaghhh, boys start to race
Two hands inna di air
Di military dem telling us to do it inna dia way
Blood clat me no send me with my Beyonce
Smoke smoke smoke smoke till I pass away
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Trampoline Lyrics