Went to the corner store
To get some food to eat
But i hear ol' nico
Straight come callin' after me
He says now
Son you better listen
And i hope you understand
That we've
Got the best tortillas
And that aint no bullshit man
So don't go waste you money
On somebody else
Come callin' after me
Listen to my story
Said it's
Standin' oh so true
Well my babys left me
Said you know i'm feelin' blue
But now i'm
Waitin' and i'm callin'
By your telephone
And if my baby don't come rockin'
Then you know
I'll be alone
Cause my baby's
Gone and left me
For some mountain mother fucker
Now she's gone
Well my baby's gone and left me
For some punk ass mother fucker
Now she's gone
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Nico's Lyrics

Slightly Stoopid – Nico's Lyrics