[Verse 1:]
And then you need a rest too
I'm rolling deep in this dms crew
Fuck Jesus, I am gonna bless you
I am running missiles out of giant pistols
Gonna get you, laugh at you
Not kill you, I am gonna capture you
And I will do anything I have to do
What it look like when we're coming after you
Cats try to threaten me and try to make me scared
Play me out like a bitch, you even take me away
C'mon homie, I ain't afraid to take it there
You wanna know me? Come and try to break a beer
On my head bitch, kill me, stab me, shoot me
If I'm dead you're dead, that's absolutely
And if I die cats will catch that pussy
Looking down at bullets you can catch from Foozie
*A bunch of randoms from the dms crew*
Till your whole squad gotta learn to say no
You don't ever wanna come and burn this yeyo
Blow my air yeah turn tornado

Da-dum get up
You wanna come get us?
You'd better splash your guns

[Verse 2:]
Yo I'm untouchable, fuckable
Street soldiers, you cats are Huxtables
Action, reaction?, are?
Dumb fucks come up, gun butt your skulls
Some s***s somewhat just suck your balls
But push me and one touch can crush you all
Cause we just the judge with the justice calls
Together we believe none of us can fall
Drugs, money, s**, dirty motherfucking scoundrels
Surround you, trey pound will put you in the ground dude
They never believed I'd ever deceive the family
Or the letters at the end of my sleeve (No)

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Dms Anthem Lyrics

Slaine – Dms Anthem Lyrics