Bubble gum, brainiac, baby girl,
Ultra brat, angst schmangst no thanks.
Hope my record doesn't tank, sailor moon, rainbow brite,
Anime, avril life, protools all the way
Hey, hey, hey.

Don't try to label my hypocrite cause I will do what I want to.
Some will say that I'm counterfeit but I will be who I want to.

Candy floss, antipop, star search, lolipop, mannufactured skate punk,
Wannabe, never was, nerd, geek, superfreak, I'm a movie of the week, dadys girl,
Teachers pet (yeah,yeah,yeah!)


Don't try to lable me hypocrite
I will do what I want to


Some will look at me and vomit but I will look how I want to.
Some will hear me and not get it but I will say what I want to.

Don't try to label me hypocrite
I will do what I want to
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Hypocrite Lyrics

Skye Sweetnam – Hypocrite Lyrics

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