Neuwerld order pissing on a river on the way a long
Tomorrow rancid waters picking up the remnants of a flower
In all of us exists the touch of deadly warming global and
Trust we must distrust the owners of the new world order
What of the hour of the whole look what you've been missing
Feed upon the fingers chew the knuckle to the bone dig inside
The crack beside the pain that is a home live a distant
Second skin whatever else that can fed upon the remnants of a
Life that's never had he took a living thing and made a copy
Of it an image put the finish on a life still being made
The secret twist invading mists the desert once a forest
Can't see the forest for the death within the tree inside the
Crack beside the pain that is a home
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Neuwerld Lyrics

Skinny Puppy – Neuwerld Lyrics