All I want to do is make the people rock
But then I heard them words
"I never trusted you lot
And why don't you go back to Africa?"
From you hear that sound theirs a vibe none stop
Round one I'll, tie you up in knots
You caught me with a right, is that all you got?
Let's make are way to the Parking lot
Coz I know one of us have got to drop

Winner loser mind confuser step in this ring
And you know you get bruises

People should know better It's not hard or It's not clever
Dem ah walk with a drunkyard's crew an dem ah look violence
Thought intoxication dem won't Fe start a confrontation?
But they ain't got got the sense or co-ordination
Who you looking at? For pray clowns be stalking
All liquid up, pay no mind just keep walking
Wrong move there in your face for a fight to
Explode with a right uppercut dynamite

He's had enough He ain't getting up
He's had enough He ain't geeting up

Winner loser mind confuses Jump in this ring
and you know you get bruises
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Bruises Lyrics

Skindred – Bruises Lyrics