Your god!!

Get on my knees and pray to the one
Reach out for my hand ill give you the gun
No 2nd thoughts put it to your head
Its all so simple boom your dead

Chorus: anything we can be
Has been erased by thee
The one who brought me up and tore me down
The one whose truth will never be found
Every lie hit me harder
I have become a martyr
In my fathers games of deceit
With his shallow ways to complete

Lying amongst a statue of Christ
Drinks the wine passes the knife
Sitting with the sun reflecting from the blade
Trying to reason y you were made

Y must they die?!
To complete!

None Shine Forth:
As the sweat runs from his brow, And a tear drops from his eye,
At the mercy of the crowd, He's condemned to crucify.

Nailed onto the splintered bars of pain and prosecution,
Overcome with pains of loss, with feelings of delusion.
Step inside the mindset of this deathly betrayed prophet,
No room to resist his fate, the nail is in the coffin.

And now he bleeds in agony, The agony of defeat,
Proven to be a false god, Now only decayed meat.


Shine forth your brilliant colors If you've witnessed such a god
With overwhelming power With strength beyond all odds.

And still no one steps up!


No one steps up!
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