She sits alone in a bar in Hollywood
But in her mind, she's sittin' there with him
Above the jukebox there's a slowly ticking clock
Counting down the time 'til she sees him again
Soon their meeting will come
She's catching a plane tomorrow
Death Metal Steve is all that she needs
1200 miles could never keep her away
Death Metal Steve is making her see
That death metal love is here to stay
Up in Seattle, in a Karaoke bar
Behind a veil of smoke, and his hair's down in his eyes
He sings Deep Purple in his best death metal voice
"Smoke on the Water and a fire in the sky"
Soon his true love will come
She's catching a plane tomorrow
Repeat ch:
She remembers the smell of his B. O.
The whisky on his breath
Making love in the candlelight
While they're listening to Napalm Death
Repeat ch:
When Steve's around everything's O. K.
But tomorrow seems so far away
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Death Metal Steve Lyrics

Size 14 – Death Metal Steve Lyrics