Got a real fine freek with a real big butt,
She gets real I'll when she hears my cutt,
Got two cadaliacs one blue one gold,
Got straps on the front with a fresh set of folds,
Grill on the back and grill on the front,
24 carrot gold on my trunk,
Got a rope like a python hanging from my neck,
Got a freak in my arms cold kickin on the set,
Never get I'll cause I'm two damn swats,
Got a funky trans-am with a duel igsaughts,
La is fine but seatle is my home,
Hood ornaments go cause I don't like chrome.

That's rippen

That's rippen

Chillin never illin that's the place to be,
Cause I'm a m-i-x-a-l-o-t,
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Rippin' Lyrics

Sir Mix-a-lot – Rippin' Lyrics

Songwriters: ANTHONY L. RAY
Rippin' lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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