Hearing you in my sleep
Feeling you your cadence seeps
Whispering in flashback the spectres of your memories
Fall in glistening showers such a tender descent
Intones this haunting lament
The sweetest chill

Fearing you but calling your name
Icy breath encases my skin
Fingers like a fountain of needles
Shiver along my spine
And rain down so divine

The sweetest chill

A drowning so sublime spins in a heavenly climb

Calling you tears thaw my sleep
Wanting you this hoary web is weaved
From this strange confusion
Grows a perverse communication
It enthralls me and coils me around

The sweetest chill

Enchantment ebbs and whirls the sweetest chill
Enchantment ebbs and whirls oh the thrill
The sweetest chill
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The Sweetest Chill Lyrics

Siouxsie And The Banshees – The Sweetest Chill Lyrics

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