I hear the drizzle of the rainLike a memory it fallsSoft and warm continuingTapping on my roof and wallsAnd from the shelter of my mindThrough the window of my eyesI gaze beyond the rain-drenched streetsTo England where my heart liesMy mind's distracted and defusedMy thoughts are many miles awayThey lie with you when you're asleepAnd kiss you when you start your dayAnd this song I was writing is left undoneI don't know why I spend my timeWriting songs I can't believeWith words that tear and strain to rhymeAnd so you see I have come to doubtAll that I once held as trueI stand alone without beliefsThe only truth I know is youAnd as I watch the drops of rainWeave their weary paths and dieI know that I am like the rainThere but for the grace of you go I
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Kathy's Song Lyrics

Simon And Garfunkel – Kathy's Song Lyrics