You are in love with me
But you have a family
Mother raised you up to be a respectable man
But no, you're in love with me

It is a crying shame
Hidden must I remain
I want to be free of you, I wish to fly alone
For no, you I cannot claim

You have no children
You have no attatchements
You have a broken arm

There is a man I know
He has honour to bestow
Willing is he to give up all that he has earned
But if I ask for you, he'll tell me "no"

You have no mortgage
Well you have no dwelling
You have a broken leg

I've never seen your girlfriend
I'm not sure that I wish that I had
Don't push me away just because you cannot have me
You are in love with me

You have no plans for her
You have no care for her
You have a broken mind

You are my atmosphere
I am your greatest fear
We share a broken heart
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Broken Arm Lyrics

Simie – Broken Arm Lyrics

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