Faith played a dirty trick
It put the spell on me
Alone in the weird woods
I saw the mushroom moon

I spoke to stones
They didn't speak to me
I spoke to trees
They didn't say a word

A sigh of the wind made me cry
And I started to fly
I flew over trees, I flew over
Mountains and seas

The mushroom moon is bad news
It's a roundabout, where you never get out
The mushroom moon is bad news
It's a sad night, a long flight

Then came a giant hand
It was soft and warm
Four fairies on the palm
Thank god, I was born

Red cheeks and bright blue eyes
And gentle smiles
Four little old ladies sang
An optimistic tune:

"Fly baby fly, don't be frightened
You know what to do
What is it worth to have feet on the earth
You fool"
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Mushroom Moon Lyrics

Sielun Veljet – Mushroom Moon Lyrics