Another day another night then it's over
I fought the fight and I can say that I survived
Not giving up and I'm never giving in
Tired and weak but still alive
Another day of facing opposition
Working hard and striving for my goal
Not going to rest as long as there's a battle
Got nothing left, but here we go
There's a constant struggle for us to walk or crawl
Some choose to give nothing,
Still there's those who choose to give it all

Another day another night and then it's over
I'm all alone, it's getting hard to breathe
My knees give in, I stumble to the floor
Whispered words escape from me
Another night of lessons learned the hard way
I call your name, you strengthen me again
My broken hands are lifted to sky now
I raise my head and see you again

I will fight and I will win
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I Will Fight Lyrics

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