This 'ol wheel keeps on rollin' down the road
This 'ol wheel keeps on rollin' down the road

Oh gravel and dust fly up off of truck tires
Down a dirt road
In Nashville, In the summertime, In 1996
I was listenin' to my dad and Johnny Cash
Doin' chain gang and talkin' trash with Savannah and smokin' cigarettes
But it wasn't that long till I tasted the salt of the sea
Cause she was still in love with the guy she left for me so
She stood there cryin' as I packed my pack
And I knew that I was lyin' when I said that I'd be back


Now fast forward to about 2000 and 3
I'm standin' on the corner of Hollywood and Vine
Just a six string and me
And that capitol building
Lookin' up at that thing
Wonderin' when am I gonna get my chance to sing
But faced with that kind of predicament it'd be pretty hard to to get choked up
When every hero I've had and every band I had broke up
I'm invited to a party and I just can't come cause I know that once I'm in I can't pull out till I'm done


In my last nine to ten old Ah Pook waltzed in
Put his slimy gun to my head and said son this is the end
I said you better get back I got an army of good friends
Who would follow me to hell and I've done the same for them
Besides you're not going to destroy what we've worked so hard to defend
We protect the things we love just like our families did
We picked a long and winding road and we'd do it again
We picked a dark horse and we're gonna ride it till the end

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This 'Ol Wheel Lyrics

Shooter Jennings – This 'Ol Wheel Lyrics