I've written letters to you on whitest paper
But they've all returned to me a pale brown
And I've tried to stand up to it
But it all seemed kind of useless
So I'm writing you this letter from the ground

And if you see a gentleman of promise
Stealing looks at you from there across the room
And if your tired heart, it dances
From exchanging second glances
Don't hesitate to steal your glances, too

And I wanted to wait 'til the sun would appear
Picking flowers and placing them over our ears
But you are what you are
And I'm not very far along

But something tells me there will come a time
Tired of that back-and-forth affair that we've been through
And thinking more than once it may be time for something new
And suddenly you'll see him standing there across the room
Staring at you


And if your tired heart it dances
From exchanging second glances
Please don't hesitate to put this letter down
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Gentleman Of Promise Lyrics

Sherwood – Gentleman Of Promise Lyrics