Seems like eternity since I been in your arms
A multitude of colorless hours pass
I crave the light inside you
It keeps me from harm
I only pray that it's not just another god

Eternity I want to be
With you for all eternity
Darling you'll be
The only one for me
Together for eternity

I long to touch your warm
The world out there's so cold
Whenever we
I don't know but I do know baby
I want you all the time
You are the beginning middle and end
To every story told
You are the science of my life


And it seems like a year away
You and I were making love
Once should live life day to day
All my dreams are made of
All my dreams are made of

[Chorus:Repeat x3]

Eternity eternity yeah
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Eternity Lyrics

Sheena Easton – Eternity Lyrics

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