If nothing changes then it stays the same
The perfect answer for an endless game
Turn the pages see the things you choose
You say you're laughing when you always lose
Time and again its just the same old scene
Look ahead to see what might have been

You say I knew you when it seemed all right
So when did something come and steal the light
It's never easy but then who's to blame
Turn around I might recall your name
You feel the echo of rejected prayers
And now the world looks back with angry stares

Come see the distant stars collide
Set the time machine to hide
Everything you've seen
Look through kaleidoscope in time
Its all there so are you blind
Can you see the world from where you are?

Don't try and tell me there's a time for change
When all you ever do is rearrange
Nothing plastic ever passed for real
And no one's ever gonna watch you heal
The new sensation it's an easy ride
So who can blame you for the tears you hide
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The Time Machine Lyrics

Sheavy – The Time Machine Lyrics