Not long ago a plan was conceived where all could be revealed
Critical info delivered in secret, but kept out in plain sight

We're underground 'cause we have enlisted
Got data in our groove, a battalion of six
Inside out it's all for one and one for all

Here we are, we're the band, we got your marching orders
It's in the music and the words that we sing
Sing along, sing out loud, and you'll join the answer
We will rock with the thunder of a thousand mighty horses

Bejing to New York City and everywhere between
Lies the heart of the good, the will of the people
Now shake your cages, shake your cages
It's time to fight or die, deliver us from evil
All around the world, you're not alone, we'll be right here
And coming to your home from
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Room V Lyrics

Shadow Gallery – Room V Lyrics