The shadow of a never-ending dream
Alone, free yourself from your chains
See through my eyes full of tears
A disturbing sight of a gullible mind

Like the thorns that dwells beneath your skin...

You'll fall deeper than death itself
Tread on the weak under your conquering feet
Refuse slavery admonishing the advent of your bliss
Don't let yourself sink Into the Abyss of Torments

You better tame your pain
Drag the venom of this world
Infected by the misery and decay
Of this breed beholding the end



See the distants lights, reflect of my thoughts
(With) the splinter of the subtle ray that blinded me
The frankness of my soul like a sheet of stars
Dying in this universe full of lies
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Into The Abyss Of Torments Lyrics

Shades Of Dusk – Into The Abyss Of Torments Lyrics