I stood in the biggest house on the highest hill
My arms in the air
Face to the sun
Content within my own

Not knowing the color of night
On the horizon
Dark clouds billowed forth
Then the rains came down

I shouted for joy as I always had
But the rains did not stop
My joy turned to horror
The thunder clapped

The lightening struck
Waters raised in the valleys below
The innocent died
The women cried

Currents destroyed everything
But the biggest house on the highest hill
At first I wept for day
Then I cursed the rain

Then I hated the name
Of the one who brought me pain
For the first time I saw black
In the abyss around me

No longer did I love the sun
But I wished to be one with the dark
As I descended off my plank
I could see my fickle heart

Between the white of foam
And the waves of dark
And the rains died down
A new light after the rains came down
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First Rains Lyrics

Seventh Star – First Rains Lyrics