I woke today
To the strangest thing
I have to say
Reminded me of just the the other day
Not today
You herd me say the same thing
Again I say
No excuses for the other day
Sorry always seems so hard to say
I twist the words
But still they mean
The same ole thing but

I don't know how to face today
No matter how much you think you gave to me
I don't know how to face the day
Will you ever forgive me for all that I've put you through

I came to see
Whats the reason for you hating me
I try and find another way to make you see
I'm not the same
You hear me say
It's killing me


Save me!
Save me!
Save me!

Inside it kills me
To know how it makes you feel
The hopes gone


Save me!
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Hope Lyrics

Sevendust – Hope Lyrics