Waking up to true friends at the door was the best thing that could have happened to me that morning. A pool of vomit and curiosity, what the fuck was going on? "I need to quit this" were my favorite words, but i never did shit about it. If it wasn't for the people that i have now, i'd be in the same place i started. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, it can not be said enough. As i take another hit, i sort of wonder why... Deeper and deeper, i dug my grave and the further way i'd be from the one place that i thought about on sober weeks. I never want to be like that again, and nothing to remind me. I love it here and i'll never leave, this is my fucking home. Never forget and never regret, i'll always be out of step, i'll always be Straight Edge.
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My Favorite Words Lyrics

Set It Straight – My Favorite Words Lyrics

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