Ernie: Bert! Hey Bert! come here Bert!
Bert: Wh.. Where are you Ernie?
Ernie: Right here in my tubby, Bert
Bert: Ok, Ernie what is it now?
Ernie: What is it now? Why I'm here in my tubby Bert
Bert: So?
Ernie: Well, I'm going to wash myself and while I do you're going to pretend you're washing yourself
Bert: I am?
Ernie: Of course you are, that's what all the boys and girls at home listening to the record are going to do. Are you ready Bert?
Bert: Look Ernie, I can't...
Ernie: Good! And are all you kids ready? Good!
Now, everybody wash! (music)
Everybody wash your hands! (music)
Everybody wash your ears! (music)
Everybody wash your tummy! (music)
Ok Bert you take the next part
Bert: Oh, it's my turn? OK
Everybody wash your heels (music) (your heels Bert?) Yeah, this is fun
Everybody wash your kneecaps (music) (your kneecaps Bert?) your kneecaps, both of them
Everybody wash your thumbs (music) (we did that when we did the hands there Bert)
Everybody wash your, here it comes, big toe! (music) (oh that's a good one Bert)
Ernie and Bert: Now, everybody wash your everything!
Bert: Yeah, your big toe, and kneecaps, oh! I gotta wash my socks!

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Everybody Wash Lyrics

Sesame Street – Everybody Wash Lyrics