Here I am
At this very moment
Standing still
Waiting for an answer

But there you are
Standing stiff and silent
Drowning deep
In the sea of darkness

Blind and deaf you are
Emotionless you are
Why can't you just
Wake up and open your eyes

But when I'm looking
Straight at you
I see a robot living in you
I'll go search forever
I'll go search everywhere
I'll find your missing heart
And return it
To where it belongs

So there will be one day
Where you will see me
With your eyes wide opened
And love me
With your true heart and soul

Now I'm near
To my so-called rescue
Tearing up
Your rigid steel walls

But it's so hard
To reach the heart within
That's crying softly
With it's arms wide opened

You don't understand
That when everything that happens
Goes wrong
I'll be there for you
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A Robot's Heart Lyrics

Sergio Rumantir – A Robot's Heart Lyrics