It seems like yeterday
Through the rain and tears
I watched you walk away again
I know my love
I know the pain

Your perfect life
Your perfect face
All your promises
Everything you fake
Don't care what you want
Don't care what you need
Don't care how you feel
For what it is you bleed

Another year is gone
And will you just hold on to be

Sometimes I cry for you
I bet you'd die to be
Just like one of us
The fallen... The free
I'll hate you just to hate
Don't think that I'll forgive
What you've done to us
Or how it should've been

In a sea of blood in a sea of hate
I watched the angels fall one by one
This flesh will rot and still I am
My will be done my will be done
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Perfect Life Lyrics

Seraphim Shock – Perfect Life Lyrics