Death you see now lives
There's nothing left to give
Black is the sky as there's death in blood and fear
Suffering will come in many ways
And thrive on numbered days
Live life with a last chance as you die the deathening dance
Watch death take its toll
On mankind
Watch the truth unfold
To you
Under the Black Rainbow
We're all left to die
Living in eternity
We're all left to fry
It's fiery hot hell will turn you into a burning corpse
It can and will defeat you
Not by mind but force
You cannot escape death as it grasps for your throat
So consider this as you manage to choke
The flesh it burns, the scent it leaves
Of rot-decaying air
Of all the things that ever mattered
No one even cares
Surprising as it seems, very few survive
All is gone that ever was and so is your life
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A Los Jovenes De Ayer Lyrics

Serú Girán – A Los Jovenes De Ayer Lyrics