There's a sickness that keeps reaching out

Grabbing a hold of the world no control
Reputation, reputation

Mortality of the men
Fear is the motive in the things that do, that they do
Cowards they always leave filth in there tracks that won't wash, wash away

Their world seems so godless
Their world seems so godless
The way to be stronger
All out to war
By force we will conquer
The fraud the elections denying the freedom of choice from the people

All out to war

Repeating the errors inventing excuses to profit from conflicts
Reputation, reputation

A world so godlessMortality of the men
A world so godless
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Godless Lyrics

Sepultura – Godless Lyrics

Songwriters: GLENN DANZIG
Godless lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, REACH MUSIC PUBLISHING

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